Girls Who Code – Learn to Code and Change the World

We're reading 'Girls Who Code (Learn to Code and Change the World)' by Reshma Saujani at the moment, the first book to be published by the U.S.-based Girls Who Code, an organisation that's attempting to close the gender gap in the technology sector in the United...

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How Insulting!

Here's a fun little program that will ask you your name and then insult you. Charming, eh? The nice thing about it is that it clearly shows how to write a program in JavaScript that takes some input from the user, does something with it (in this case creates an...

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Raspberry Pi Zero W launched

A Raspberry What...? We love the Raspberry Pi. It's an affordable and accessible way for young coders and makers to try things and take risks. Unlike a standard PC or laptop, which if you 'muck about' with it can be really difficult to re-configure, with the Raspberry...

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