A Raspberry What…?

We love the Raspberry Pi. It’s an affordable and accessible way for young coders and makers to try things and take risks. Unlike a standard PC or laptop, which if you ‘muck about’ with it can be really difficult to re-configure, with the Raspberry Pi it’s just a case of flashing a new SD card if everything goes horribly wrong. It openly encourages play and experimentation, without the fear of ‘mucking things up’. They are great first computers for young coders. Twelve million Raspberry Pis have sold in the last five years so they must be doing something right!

What Can You Do With It?

Raspberry Pis are great for coding and also great for digital making.

The free Raspberry Pi operating system ‘Raspbian’ comes pre installed with lots of useful software for coders such as Scratch, python and Node.js. But in addition to that there are a huge number of add-ons and hardware extensions that can be purchased for the Pi.This is where the Pi gets really exciting. Want to build a robot, a time-lapse camera, a new type of game controller, a multi-room music streamer, a ‘magic mirror’ which displays your social media feeds as you fix your hair? All and more are possible with the Raspberry Pi, and the good news is there is a large community of makers (including children and young people) to offer support and encouragement.

The Zero W

Last year, the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched the tiny Pi Zero, a £5 computer that can fit in the palm of your hand, the first ones of which were given away free with the Mag Pi magazine. Buy a magazine…get a free computer. Amazing.

Now the Raspberry Pi Zero W has been launched. It’s similar to the original but additionally has wifi and bluetooth adapters built in, making it perfect for (amongst others) Internet of Things projects. Although it’s almost double the price of the original Zero, that still makes it  only around the £10 mark.

To find out more about the Raspberry Pi Zero W check out the Raspberry Pi site.