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Helping young people build their coding and digital making skills.

Get Creative, Get Inventive, Get Coding

Coding is an incredibly creative activity, requiring imagination, inventiveness and thinking. Coding can be used to make all sorts of things, from games to websites, music to art, robots to remote-controlled parent-detectors. Everything is possible when imagination and coding come together. Help your child unleash their creativity through digital making.

Give Your Child Super-powers

The world is full of amazing career opportunities for those who can write software. Give your child some tech super-powers. Equip them for the future.

Building Skills For Just About Everything

Learning to code helps build many skills that your child needs to achieve. It helps develop computational thinking and problem-solving. It helps build the ability to think critically. It builds patience and the ability to focus. Let us help your child develop these life skills, in a way that they will find engaging and fun.

Coding is for Every Child

Absolute beginner or experienced coder. Boy or girl. Into art, music or science. Super-confident or not-so-sure. We can help your child power-up and achieve, whatever their experience, ability or interests.

Living in a Digital World

Digital technology is all around us. It shapes our world and how we live. Learning to code can help your child understand this world better, enabling him or her to make more informed choices about how to use technology in a way that’s good for everyone.

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Girls Who Code – Learn to Code and Change the World

We're reading 'Girls Who Code (Learn to Code and Change the World)' by Reshma Saujani at the moment, the first book to be published by the U.S.-based Girls Who Code,ย an organisation that's attempting to close the gender gap in the technology sector in the United...
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How Insulting!

Here's a fun little program that will ask you your name and then insult you. Charming, eh? The nice thing about it is that it clearly shows how to write a program in JavaScript that takes some input from the user, does something with it (in this case creates an...
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Raspberry Pi Zero W launched

A Raspberry What...? We love the Raspberry Pi. It's an affordable and accessible way for young coders and makers to try things and take risks. Unlike a standard PC or laptop, which if you 'muck about' with it can be really difficult to re-configure, with the Raspberry...
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